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What Do You Do When...

When we are getting ready for a ride the typical what if thoughts occur in
our minds like am I dressed correctly - warm enough or not too hot, what
if I get hungry, what if I need to go to the bathroom, what if I get bad
belly, what if my contact dries out...but what do you do when the
strangest, most off the wall, never thought of, can't prepare for, unknown,
unexpected, unpredictable occurs like:

  • It's so hot your feet feel like they are in ovens.
  • Your tailbone feels like a hook that has turned into your butt and
    you are sitting on the sharp point.
  • The rider in front of you coughs and a flying lugie hits your
  • You hit a deer - it's butt hits your shoulder and the deer takes a crap
    on you.
  • You disconnect a tightly connected bungee cord - it snaps, hits the
    bridge of your nose and causes swelling.
  • You come to a sudden halt because your roll pack ends up between
    your fender and back tire.
  • A flying backrest is suddenly in your lane.
  • It's hot and you get razor burn from your jeans hitting your quads
    after shaving
  • You park the motorcycle trailer on a hill going downward and can't
    get the bike off the trailer and you are stuck on the bike.
  • You have a badder bike than the guy you would like to kiss.
  • You forgot that you are on a motorcycle, hit a ditch and almost drive
    off a mountain.
  • A pigeon flies off the guardrail, doesn't fly high enough and hits your
    forehead at 45 MPH.
  • Your gear shifter disconnects while riding up a long mountain
  • Your inner thighs are aching because you are so into doing turns as
    aggressively as possible.
  • The rubber on your golf gloves rips (who wears golf gloves while
    riding a motorcycle).
  • You get a hot flash with electric gear on while riding down the
    Schulykill Expressway.
  • You realize after 60 miles that you have a hole in your front tire on
    the N.J. Turnpike.
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What Do You Do...

Like all good women riders

keep on riding!

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